HCA Team

The Association and its property is managed and administered by a Governing Body comprising of the Officers and other members elected in accordance with HCA best replica watches constitution. The whole body of the officers and other members of the committee are known as the "Governing Body of the Association" or "Board of Governors" and individually they are called "the Governor". The Board of Governors comprises of President, Vice-President/s, Executives including Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer and 24 Governors from membership - Guardian Cell, Life and Annual.

Executive Committee

  • Dr Poonam Singhal

  • Mrs Niru Kumar

  • Mrs Sujatha Thaladi

  • Dr M D Mishra
    Vice Chair

  • Versha Sood
    Dy Treasurer

  • Mr Prakash Nanjaiah
    Dy Secretary

  • Dr Bapuji Rao

  • Dr C H Roy
    Vice President

  • Dr Hasmukh Sah
    Vice president

Board of Governors

Guardian Cell Unit
  • Mr Keshav Singhal

  • Dr H N Choudhry

  • Mr Prabhat Kumar

  • Dr Badri Purbey

  • Dr Satya Kishore Sharma

  • Dr Nishebita das

  • Dr Alok Moy Sinha

  • Mrs Kamla Syal

Life Member Unit
  • Dr. R k Kejriwal

  • Dr. Yogesh Nathadwarawala

  • Dr. Sarita Pawar

  • Mrs Sunina Purbey

  • Mrs. Neelam Roy

  • Dr. C S Salvaji

  • Dr. Ravi Tiwari

Annual Member Unit
  • Mrs. Seema Kejriwal

  • Dr. Sangeeta Nathadwarawala

  • Dr. Amit Sah

  • Mrs. Deepa Salvaji

  • Mrs. Sharada Sharma

  • Mrs. Usha Singh

  • Mrs. Arti Tiwari

India Centre Building Trustees
Dr Badri Purbey-
Dr H N Choudhry-
Dr Ravi Tiwari-
Dr.Poonam Singhal-
Mr. Prabhat Kumar-